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Senior Project Manager

290 jours | New York, New York, United States | minds + assembly

Senior Project Manager

290 jours | New York, New York, United States | minds + assembly

 minds + assembly

Date de début :janvier 04

Appliquer avant :février 04 2021

Description du poste

Open Position: Senior Project Manager

About us:

Much of what you need to know about minds + assembly is captured in the name itself: we think we create and (+) we put things together. It’s really that simple—and that shockingly different. Of course, the simplicity of our name belies the depth of what we deliver to our most honored (and often overjoyed) clients. Our work is consistently at a higher caliber than they are used to, simply because we push ourselves to think and build differently. Combine this with an obsessive attention to client service, and you arrive at a place where we stand alone among agencies. Arrogant? No. Confident? Of course, but only because we’ve put together a team of people who are good AF in every way.

At minds + assembly, the engine of our business is commercial invention. We approach every project—actually, every aspect of our work—as an opportunity to dip our toes into the revitalizing stream of the new. The original conception of our agency (which has since been realized) was that of a happy workshop, a place where the mind and hands are free to construct brilliant new things for our clients. Yet, we never forget that we are in fact a business. Everything we do is to further the commercial goals of our clients, whether that is to sell a product or an idea. To achieve this, we continue to add only the best people, those who have the right talent, temperament, and teamwork-orientation to further our collective goals. Then we ask that each person adhere to two simple and equally important principles: uncompromising standards and unconditional support. In other words, we push each other, hard, to produce the best work possible, yet always with the knowledge that we have each other’s backs.

About the role:

As a Senior Producer, we count on you to ensure the delivery of our client work is as productive, efficient, and seamless as possible – so that our people and brands thrive and our work shines. You are the lifeline between all functions and people on your brands. Your role, and the workflow and projects you oversee, is essential to the successful day-to-day operations of our agency. As such, we would like—and expect—you to bring your expertise and creativity to provide the best logistical and strategic guidance you can, day-in and day-out. And we want you to contribute to shaping how we work at minds + assembly, today and for the future.

Job responsibilities:

  • Creation of thoughtful, comprehensive timelines and scopes of work, individual to specific brand and project needs
  • Manage workflow to meet client deadlines and milestones, accounting for overlapping priorities, conflicts, and out of the office schedules
  • Monitor and track hours routinely to ensure all projects are in-line with budget expectations—and if running high or low, alert team and client as early as possible
  • Generate end-of-month reconciliation documents and review with Director of Production, Finance Director, and Client Service Leads / Co-Founder to inform monthly billing / invoicing
  • Ensure all QC processes are adhered to, particularly at key project lifecycle stages: client review, MLR review, and release
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients’ in-house partners as well as third-party partners to recommend collaboration based on clients’ needs
  • Maintain and update the daily Projects & Priorities document, so all team members have access to up-to-date expectations for project deliverables
  • Be a strong partner to both Client Service and Creative, partnering with the former to assist in client-facing communication and the latter to ensure deadlines and ownership are clear
  • Be strategic in recommendations to the team, for the best approaches to client work or in situations where a path forward is unclear (be the clarity!)
  • Problem solve, troubleshoot, and anticipate risk so you are thinking one step ahead of the team at all times
  • Manage more junior Production team staff as you oversee larger portfolios of client business
  • Assist Director of Production in leading agency initiatives to continue to strengthen our creative development and workflow best practices. The focus should always be on adopting new solutions and technologies that support our teams’ work and best serve our clients’ needs
  • Have fun! Bring your unique personality and skills to the forefront to build rapport with the team and to be an effective leader

Professional skills and requirements:

  • 5 years’ experience in advertising agency setting or related field. 2-3 years’ experience in interactive project management 
  • Experience producing digital marketing projects, including but not limited to websites, banners, e-mails, videos, interactive panels, social media, tablet presentations, mobile apps
  • Proficient in project management tools and online project management workflow tools
  • Proven ability to successfully manage project- and brand-based budgets
  • Proven ability to adapt to changing marketplace dynamics
  • Strong project management skills, including conceptualization, analysis, driving alignment, planning resources, managing milestones and objectives, and Agile practices
  • Pharmaceutical and/or pharmaceutical marketing experience (eg, direct-to-consumer, direct-to-professional, etc.) and knowledge of the regulatory process preferred but not required

About applying:

We’re looking for people with curiosity and expertise, and most of all, a positive attitude. If that sounds like you, send website links, portfolios, resumes, and passion projects.

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