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Born at the intersection of advertising & entertainment, we use the power of storytelling to influence culture & impact meaningful change boldly defining the next evolution in content

With our work strongly focused on Sports, Culture & Social Impact, we’ve taken the best of film development, production & marketing & blended with innovative, end-to-end advertising for one seamless process from insight to audience.

We fill a growing demand by brands, film studios, athletes and content platforms to forge new paths amid a converging marketplace. Our strong collaborations with each informs our very unique POV with all.

Our brand stories are entertaining & our entertainment is highly marketable.

Our team of high-functioning “hyphenates” collapse the layers & apply the best of each world - integrating, innovating and powerfully discovering new ways to reach an ever-changing audience through the power of contemporary storytelling.

We specialize in the following areas of expertise:

Strategy (Content, Brand and Go To Market)

Development (Annual, Seasonal, Campaign, Ads, Feature Films, TV/Episodic & Digital)

Production (Premium Live Action, Lean/Content, Design, Animation, Editorial & Post-Production)

Media Strategy


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Project Manager / Mid-Level Producer

6 days ago | Los Angeles, California, United States | FALKON

Project Manager / Mid-Level Producer

6 days ago | Los Angeles, California, United States | FALKON


Opening date:May 04

Closing date: June 04 2021

Type:Full Time

Job description

Falkon® KTS is looking for a highly motivated, self-reliant and hungry Mid-Level Project Manager/Producer with at least 5 years’ experience producing Live Action productions and at least some basic experience/working knowledge of working with Remote Production “Drop KTS”, methods or processes. 

The ideal candidate has some knowledge and deep passion for cinema cameras, DSLR’s, or camera and lighting gear rentals for the production community across advertising, feature film and television. The right talent will be highly ambitious, personable, articulate, passionate, trustworthy, extremely detail-oriented, and most importantly possess a natural affinity for problem solving. Gearheads and tech junkies are most welcome here. 

Phone etiquette, relationship savvy and project management skills are critical. A passion for production, gear, tech, cameras and innovation in general must be a big part of your personal DNA and what you’re truly interested and committed to doing. A passion and natural knack for problem-solving, R&D, a creative business imagination and strong desire to figure out new ways, best practices and highly creative solutions to technical, logistical and practical challenges posed by remote productions, COVID and our current limitations in technology. 

This position is responsible for managing, organizing, and fully supporting the growing remote production KTS rental business division of a high-end, award-winning creative company working with world class brands, streaming networks, A-list talent, top-tier Pro Athletes and Sports Leagues heavily focused on sports and culture, across the content ecosystem. This is a ground floor opportunity in this new division with lots of growth potential as the division takes shape and grows over time along with the team. 

You will be responsible for intaking all new rental requests for remote productions, assessing the need, creating an estimate and sow, staffing the crew, planning the shipping and deployment of our Remote KTS, scheduling and planning tech prep and any trouble-shooting specific to a project production and client needs as well as managing internal staff, tech prep of KTS, purchasing of new equipment, and ongoing R&D aimed at further innovating our product and service. You will oversee the actual remote shoots (remotely from an office not set), running comms with talent and our clients as well as our crew servicing the job. You will spearhead ongoing R&D with internal and external partners. And you will oversee the management of the KTS division/department as a whole.


Confidence should be a natural part of your demeanor as well as a calm charm and a little swagger. A minimum of 5 years producing live action, with some experience or at least working knowledge of camera rentals or gear rentals is super helpful. Ideally servicing both the advertising and entertainment industries, but open to someone focused on one or the other as long as the rest of the qualifications match up.

You are highly passionate about production, technology, gear and innovation, seeking an ultimate future as a leader, managing a team and servicing world-class customers to support their filmmaking and storytelling needs. 

Your DNA is one that has a passion for sports and/or culture (fashion, hip-hop, sneakers), a true knack and disposition that is tech-savvy, inspired by innovation and truly motivated to solve problems and figure out logistical, technical and creative solutions. You’re a natural gear head and tend to stay tapped in on the latest developments in technology with a focus on camera tech, lighting and other production advancements. 

You really love the idea of tying your passion into your life’s work. You give a shit about the world and the people in it and are serious about your commitment to helping foster positive change.

A self-motivated individual, with strong communication skills, fast on their feet, a problem solver, with a precise attention to detail. You’re a fast learner, with thick skin and an unbreakable desire to win for the team and push to do great work at the highest level, believing that the work you do matters and has an impact.

The company moves at a very fast paced and is operating at a very high level and thus demands our team be high-functioning, high out-put individuals with a strong desire to be part of a team with a purpose, a mission and a commitment to excellence and this defines you.


  • Manage incoming Remote Production KTS requests
  • Assess client needs and prep a package and plan
  • Create Estimates and SOWs for each project
  • Further develop and evolve our existing pricing model, cost packages and equipment offering and service offering on an ongoing basis
  • Create marketing & sales materials
  • Process rental orders via phone and email (this will be a virtual process in the months that follow)
  • Oversee and manage the processing of all KTS rental orders - both deployment and return
  • Oversee QC of gear upon return for lost or damaged items
  • Oversee team on all aspects
  • Further build our rolodex of crew/talent
  • Staff each job accordingly
  • Oversee storage and maintenance of KTS
  • Work closely with FALKON KTS Sales Lead on strategy, communication, packaging, pricing and marketing efforts.
  • Work closely with FALKON IT on technical practices and development of future KTS builds
  • Keep up to date on Zoom, Teams, and other major video communication platforms capabilities
  • Keep abreast of all COVID compliance issues that impact our remote shoots and process and maintain an up-to-date protocol.

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