CPS NETWORK advances its global expansion strategy by focusing on new markets in Latin America

CPS NETWORK advances its global expansion strategy by focusing on new markets in Latin America

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Talent recruitment portal Projectmanagerjobs.com welcomes PMI Ecuador Chapter to its network of partners


Marketing services agency CPS Network is the founder of Projectmanagerjobs.com, a job posting platform sharing employment opportunities with its community of Project Management Institute (PMI) chapters in North and now South America.

A white-label solution launched in March 2020, the job portal has already been adopted by 14 PMI chapters and counting, boasting a reach of over 40,000 project management professionals in Canada, the US and Latin America. CPS Network is well positioned to continue expanding its presence worldwide through its advanced recruitment website.

PMI Ecuador is the latest adopter of Projectmanagerjobs.com and the first South American chapter to join the network. With this announcement and next month marking its 10-year anniversary, PMI Ecuador will be ending 2020 on a positive note, celebrating these and other milestones.


“As Ecuador's largest network of project management professionals, it's important that we promote the industry's principles in our country, not only for the sake of our members but for our economy as well, especially during such trying times,” said Pablo Vásquez, President of the PMI Ecuador Chapter. “A new country vision is underway, and we're directly contributing to it by strengthening the management of development projects and programs, and enforcing best practices in the public sector,” he concluded.


Projectmanagerjobs is currently developing its second phase – a substantial investment to add new features that will benefit recruiters, candidates and chapters alike. Phase two is expected to be completed by February 15, 2021.


About PMI Ecuador


Founded in 2010, PMI Ecuador is based in Quito and has a branch in Cuenca. Chapter goals include promoting the growth of its 470 members and the formalization of the country's projects, as well as networking with other project management professionals in Ecuador and beyond. For more information, visit PMI Ecuador.



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